PROPERTY Description

Excellent Retail Opportunity At "Ace Center" Springfield Kentucky
The Ace Center is a complex that is comprised of several buildings, the main building which hosts several large national brand retail tenants including Save-A-Lot, Rite-Aid Pharmacy, SubWay are all on a contiguous retail store front of approximately 80,000 sq ft of retail space. The rental property that is being offered is adjacent to Rite-Aid and has 8,382 SF of contiguous retail space with independent loading, docking and storage facilities. Previous tenants of this space include Family Dollar and Dollar General. The other buidlings adjacent to the main complex include McDonalds, Hardeess, BBT Bank, O’Raiely autoparts and several other local businesses. This is the only major retail center in the area,  Bardstown, approximately 17 miles northwest, is the closest area with additional national retailers.

   The center has ample paved and lined parking spaces. The property has a wide 150ft frontage on US Hwy 150./KY 55 with 20,000 VPD traffic exposure. It has full easy entrance and exit access from the two highways : US Highway 150, KY555 and KY 55.

   The Center is located in Springfield KY  which maintains superb fundamentals with excellent economic growth fuelled by the county’s effort to bringing manufacturing jobs into the city. Springfield is a town of about 3000 people, and has 1,100 manufacturing jobs. Very few counties, if any, of comparable size in Kentucky can say that. Seven of the largest employers in Washington County are located in Springfield and include Toyotomi America, Springfield Products, Alltech, Barber Cabinet, and Bluegrass Dairy. While a heavy reliance on a single industry can create a “boom or bust” economy, Washington County had been able to maintain positive job growth and unemployment rates near state averages. Overall, due to Washington County’s reliance on its manufacturing base the overall market area is considered stable. Hal Goode, SWEDA’s (Springfield Washington county Economic development agency) executive director, said the agency has three main tasks: recruit new industry, retain existing industry, and provide workforce development. In the past 10 years, he said, the community’s industrial base has diversified. That’s an effort that will continue. We’re trying to bring in high-skilled jobs, technical jobs,” he said. “In the next 10 years, we’ll continue the emphasis on automotive suppliers, but also diversify into wood products, biotechnology, and plastic injection molding.  Springfield is also the home to St. Catherine College which was founded in 1931 and has a student population of approximately 950 and offers associate and baccalaureate, and master’s degree programs through the School of Graduate Studies, School of Arts & Sciences, Health and Human Sciences.

Building Information

  • Year Renovated 2004 and 2010
  • Exterior: The exterior is metal construction with brick and block veneers.
  • Year Built: Circa 1985, Renovated 2004
  • Foundation: Concrete
  • Floor Slabs: Poured Concrete
  • Finished Flooring: Tile in restrooms and Carpet in office/retail areas
  • Structural System: Steel
  • Exterior Walls: Brick/Block/Metal
  • Interior Walls: Drywall
  • Ceilings: Drop ceiling or open to roof deck
  • Roof: Metal
  • Gutters and Downspouts: Aluminum
  • Doors: Glass
  • Lighting: Florescent

About SpringField Kentucky

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